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Final Registration ends: 05/01/2017
Contest Begins: 09/01/2016   Ends: 05/01/2017
FEE: $39/$34 Enter Contest

There are a lot of scripts written around the world and very few of them get made into films. What happens with all the other scripts aren't they also hard work, shouldn't they have a chance to be read, to be found, to be noticed? We think they do!


That is why we decided to create an interactive and transparent system - short screenplay competition. This competition differs from others, because you have a power in your hands to change the outcome of the competition - enlarge the prize and the quantity of them! The more of you apply the greater possibilities we create for all: more scripts - bigger the prize and more of them; more scripts - more work and abilities for us to find more people and make it bigger; more scripts - more chances to attract high profile readers to read your stories. And so the cycle goes.


Join the competition, where you are aware how and where your dollar, euro, pound or whichever currency you use goes:

- 40% goes to the prize pool;
- 25% goes to the readers;
- 35% goes to the maintenance and marketing;


You can easy calculate the possibilities if we create a wide network of professionals and young talents!



Short - Announcement for winners - 07/31/2017


Short [5-30 pages]
- All Genres

Languages: English
Tags: Cash, Software, Short, USA, Africa, Antarctica, Asia, Australia, Europe, North America, South America, We accept Student writers, Action, Adventure, Animation, Biography, Children, Comedy, Crime, Drama, Family, Fantasy, Historical, Horror, Mystery/Suspense, Romance, Science Fiction, Sports, Thriller, Western, Adaptation