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TV Pilot, Web Series
Registration ended: 08/15/2016
Contest Begins: 06/03/2016   Ends: 08/15/2016
FEE: $59/$54 Registration Expired

We have 3 categories - Comedy/Sitcom (submit under TV Pilot), Hour-long drama (submit under the "Feature" category) and Web Series Pilot (submit under "Web Series")


While network series have wrapped their seasons for the summer, Pilot Launch is...well...relaunching at ScreenCraft for the 2016 cycle. All summer long, between now and August 15th, we're open for hour, half hour and web series pilot submissions. And we couldn't be more excited, because while it's becoming a cliché to say so, it remains true that we're knee-deep in a golden age of television right now. As consumers, we've never had more shows and content destinations to choose from, and writers with screen stories to tell have never had greater opportunity or been in higher demand.

Everything is thriving on the supposed small screen right now (I say supposed because very few serious TV watchers are viewing on anything less than a 30" HDTV). Period pieces may be on life support at the studios but on TV we've got Game of Thrones, dearly departed Mad Men, Masters Of Sex, Salem, Black Sails, newly-launched Aquarius, Turn, Hell On Wheels, and Outlander. Procedurals? Check. Superheroes and comic books? Check. Soap operas? Just ask Shonda Rhimes. Movie adaptations are the latest craze, and miniseries and event series are back too, as are resurrections of iconic series of yesteryear. 

In short, every agent, manager, producer and creative exec wants to read television pilots right now. The field is wide open. And this year, on our jury, we've got a concentrated, dedicated panel of executives at Universal Cable and HBO and lit managers at 3Arts and Kaplan/Perrone:

*  Sam Forman, screenwriter of HOUSE OF CARDS on Netflix, THE BRINK on HBO, HAND OF GOD on Amazon

*  Georgia Ranes, HBO

*  Ari Lubet, 3Arts

*  Elizabeth Phang, Screenwriter of 90210 on Fox, THE EX LIST on CBS, THE STRAIN on FX and HUNG on HBO.

* Jennifer Grisanti, Story Consultant and TV Network Writing Instructor


So whether you're a veteran TV scribe looking for a captive audience or you're trying your hand at pilot-dom for the first time, we're eager to read your stories and fight to get them onscreen! 


TV Pilot [1-40 pages]
- All Genres

Web Series [1-50 pages]
- All Genres

Languages: English
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