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Feature, Short
Registration ended: 08/31/2015
Contest Begins: 07/06/2015   Ends: 08/31/2015
FEE: $90/$85 Registration Expired

Terror Film Festival is a blood-chilling, alien-probing, international online film festival designed for filmmakers and screenwriters, and that runs every October. We are known worldwide for screening amazing films, and our world-class screenwriting competition is a great feather in the cap for any screenwriter. Plus, we offer the one and only CLAW AWARDS, and the one and only PRINCESS HORROR. We do our best to let you know that it is all about YOU. And, yes, we do accept Music Videos in any of the genres.


"TFF believes that it is through a legion of fans that a filmmaker or screenwriter can build a solid career in entertainment."
~ Fel Angel, Filmmaker/Screenwriter/Festival Director/Terror Film Festival


Terror Film Festival was founded by filmmakers and screenwriters, and we know how difficult the road to success can be. That's why we screen short films during the festival, but not the feature films. We only screen the feature film "trailers". The reason being that the integrity of your feature film must be kept intact if you expect to get a distribution deal. This way, your project can still be reviewed, you can still compete in the Claw Awards competition, and you can still have the opportunity to sell your film to fans during the festival. But, you do not suffer any interference with any distribution deal offers! Plus, All films and screenplays are reviewed by our selections committee, and all selected films and screenplays then become nominated for the coveted Claw Awards. Who knows, perhaps YOU will win the next Claw Award!


Terror Film Festival considers both short and feature length films and scripts (completed and Works-In-Progress), and we offer exposure, prestige, recognition, amazing exposure, and the Claw Awards. And we are completely driven by love of the craft. That's why TFF is committed to the filmmakers and screenwriters who bring great genre movies to the world. TFF is Halloween Cinematic!


Terror Film Festival is run like no other festival, because it is designed to help promote YOUR PROJECT, and more importantly, YOU. Our innovations are all designed to further YOUR career. Such as: Princess Horror, the first-ever film festival icon who is loved and followed by a legion of fans; The Claw Awards, the first-ever full-blown genre dedicated awards (heralded as "The Oscars of Indie Filmmaking"); Free Submitted Film Listings, the first and only listing of submitted films on a festival website in our massive stand alone section as an additional promotional vehicle for our creative artists as a thank you JUST FOR SUBMITTING A PROJECT.


Terror Film Festival also pioneered placing video interviews of our creative artists on our website. These are all unique marketing ideas that no other film festival in the world had ever explored before TFF. And we do it all because it brings more attention to YOU. TFF pioneered all of these concepts in 2006 to better serve our filmmakers and screenwriters, and we are proud to continue to offer them to our creative artists.


Thank You and Good Luck from Terror Film Festival.


Feature [60-300 pages]
- All Genres

Short [1-59 pages]
- All Genres

Languages: English
Tags: Other, Feature, Short, USA, Africa, Antarctica, Asia, Australia, Europe, North America, South America, We accept Student writers, Action, Adventure, Animation, Biography, Children, Comedy, Crime, Drama, Family, Fantasy, Historical, Horror, Mystery/Suspense, Romance, Science Fiction, Sports, Thriller, Western, Adaptation