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TV Pilot
Registration ended: 12/01/2015
Contest Begins: 08/01/2015   Ends: 12/01/2015
FEE: $50/$45 Registration Expired
The basic fact about the television business is that in order to get into it you, the writer, must have the best scripts you can write as your calling cards. Your specs demonstrate that not only are you an awesome writer on your own, your writing also will meet the demands of a show's individual style.

Competition is fierce. TVWriterTM has created the SPEC SCRIPTACULAR COMPETITION to help you get your spec episodes and one-shot MOWs and specials read by those who can buy or hire you - by giving your work a chance to obtain the ultimate validity short of having been professionally produced. That validity is a Contest Win or high placing in one of the most respected competitions on the web.


The SPEC SCRIPTACULAR is held once each year and is open for submissions from August 1 to December 1. We do our best to announce the Winners, starting with Semi-Finalists, over a two week period in January-February.


The contest has three categories: Sitcom, Action/Drama, and Screenplay/MOW/Special.

The Sitcom category is for spec episodes of current (or very recent) broadcast and cable network sicoms, which are usually (but not necessarily) half-hour shows.

The Action/Drama category is for spec episodes of current (or very recent) broadcast and cable network action or dramatic shows - including sci-fi shows, medical shows, cop shows, lawyer shows, dramedies, et al. These are usually one-hour shows, but this is also the proper category in which to enter any current half-hour action or drama series.


The Screenplay/MOW/Special category is for any and all original spec TV movies, and for any and all original spec specials regardless of length, genre, or subject matter. We know that many of you have already written or are writing feature screenplays that can fit into the MOW mold. This is the contest and category in which to enter those screenplays.


Many past Winners, Finalists, or Semi-Finalists of TVWriterTM‘s two contests are now or recently have been hard working pros on the staffs of the series we mention in our Mission Statement. We'd love to see you join them!


TV Pilot
- All Genres

Languages: English

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