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Feature, TV Pilot, Web Series
Registration ended: 02/02/2017
Contest Begins: 11/01/2016   Ends: 02/02/2017
FEE: $65/$60 Registration Expired

Introducing the Emerging Screenwriters SHOOT YOUR SIZZLE Competition
Brought to you by the International Screenwriters' Association!


A sizzle reel will set you apart from most writers out there. The Grand Prize winning screenwriter receives almost $20,000 in cash, equipment & consulting services to produce a sizzle reel or shoot an entire scene from their screenplay.


Why Make a Sizzle? Damien Chazelle went from a short / sizzle to funding to Oscar Nomination. Check out how the scene was incorporated in the feature later on -


You don't need to be a director to win. Submit your Feature, Pilot or Web Series and we'll guide you to make it happen! The Grand Prize winning screenwriter receives all the tools necessary to produce a sizzle reel to pitch their script at the highest level!





 *$5,000 in Funding  *$5,000 in EQUIPMENT  *Production Mentoring      *Invitation into the  
                                      & Editing Services                                              
ISA Development Program 



*Gorilla Scheduling & Budget Package by Jungle Software
*Digital Copy of Ken Rotcop's Perfect Pitch: The Workshop &
*Digital Copy of Karl Iglesia's Pitching to Sell


TOP 10
StoryO by Jungle Software
Ken Rotcop's Perfect Pitch: The Workshop
Digital Download of The Reel Truth by Reed Martin


TOP 100

MovieMaker Magazine Subscription
ISA Development Program Consideration
ISA Connect Membership


Feature - GRAND PRIZE - 04/06/2017
Feature - TOP 100 - 03/01/2017

TV Pilot - GRAND PRIZE - 04/06/2017
TV Pilot - TOP 100 - 03/01/2017

Web Series - GRAND PRIZE - 04/06/2017
Web Series - TOP 100 - 03/01/2017


- All Genres

TV Pilot
- All Genres

Web Series [1-30 pages]
- All Genres

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