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Registration ended: 03/01/2016
Contest Begins: 10/19/2015   Ends: 03/01/2016
FEE: $50/$45 Registration Expired

Roll out the red carpet for your best horror short film! This is your opportunity to see your great screenplay get produced, red carpet premiered and possibly even distributed! Even the finalists and semifinalists may be considered for inclusion in a horror anthology film. This is just the tip of the iceberg as there are other prizes as well including cash! Please see the requirements below and make sure your HORROR script meets all the criteria!


Guidelines for Submissions:

   √ Genre: Horror
   √ Page Length: Minimum of 3 and Maximum of 10 pages (not including title page)
   √ Characters: Maximum of five (5)
   √ Locations: Maximum of three (3)
   √ Additional Requirements: Character Driven, No VFX, No Animation
   √ Avoid costly locations and set pieces


Short - Call for Entries! - 10/20/2015
Short - Early Bird - 11/16/2015
Short - Final Submission Deadline January 18th, 2016 - 01/11/2016
Short - Grand Prize Winner Announced - 03/01/2016
Short - Quarter Finalists Announced (10) - 02/01/2016
Short - Regular Entry - 12/14/2015
Short - Semi Finalists Announced (5) - 02/15/2016


Short [3-10 pages]
- Horror

Languages: English
Tags: Cash, Consultant, Representation, Short, USA, Africa, Antarctica, Asia, Australia, Europe, North America, South America, We accept Student writers, Horror, Network / Industry Connections