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Registration ended: 03/01/2014
Contest Begins: 05/30/2013   Ends: 03/06/2014
FEE: $150/$145 Registration Expired

Writers don’t write scripts to sit on a shelf along with their dusty plastic trophies.  Writers write scripts to see their Movies on the silver screen. aims to facilitate the writer’s dream of seeing your Movie made in two ways:  


1)  We offer an exclusive script database that is searchable only by active Development Executives. (Your first script submission is free, BTW)

2)  We host the best indie screenplay competition out there:  Our Winners actually MAKE A MOVIE.  (Up to $500k budget, and the competition is limited to only 1000 scripts!)

At you have a ONE IN A THOUSAND shot at making YOUR MOVIE because we're only accepting 1000 entries! through its unique contest, YouWin, gives Writers and Directors a chance at actually making a movie and a chance for a $500k production deal .  AND, they will never compete with more than 999 other submissions in their category. Secondly, provides Writers, Directors and other Industry Professionals a platform, YouSubmit, to showcase their talent.  Only approved Development Executives actively searching for new projects will have access to our database. So, “Why”.  Because we are Film-MAKERS!



What do I get for my Submission Fee to the Contest?  Coverage!  By more than one reader.  Or real feedback on your short film. 

Consider this:  the average submission fee for most contests ranges between $50-$150.  AND, the more reputable contests require that you be a MEMBER of their Community which could cost an additional $100 or more. And what do they offer you?

  • Major competition – Thousands of contestants. (Some range between 5000-10000)
  • Little or No Coverage.  No proof that anyone actually read your script.
  • And if you win…  You get a Trophy/Certificate, maybe some in-kind services and discounts.  But that’s about it.  Blah.

At, your membership is absolutely FREE. Furthermore, we encourage all our community members to share some of their work on their profile to promote their talent for FREE.  And if you decide to enter our competition, here is what we are offering:

  • Less competition:  Your Odds of Winning are 1:1000  -  You will never compete with more than 999 other contestants.
  • Multiple coverage and feedback on your work – great value considering the submission fee.  Standard coverage fees in Hollywood is up to double our Submission Fee.
  • Best of all:  The winners actually get to make a feature length movie.  A real movie.  The others can keep their trophies.


Feature [90-125 pages]
- All Genres

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