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Feature, TV Pilot, Short, Play, Novel
Registration ended: 01/22/2017
Contest Begins: 10/24/2016   Ends: 01/22/2017
FEE: $49/$44 Registration Expired
Take your Chance to be the next Academy Award winner discovered by WriteMovies founder Alex Ross. The WriteMovies International Writing Contest for screenwriters, TV Writers, Playwrights, Novelists and Short Story writers. Like 1000’s of other successful writers, you can find out if you have the right project for the studios and if you do, we will go to bat for you! Alex Ross (founder of WriteMovies), has discovered two Academy Award nominees. Will you be the third? Let us show you how to make your script fly. When it does, we will personally submit it to several top agencies, production companies and studios for you. Only 1000 entries will be accepted. Enter early and save! Out of close to three hundred “contest sites,” WriteMovies is one of only a handful that has produced movies from winning projects. “The List”, was written by WriteMovies winner Marcus Folmar and distributed by Warner Bros. Several novels have also been published and plays produced. Production companies, studios and agencies contact us all the time about our winners. The founder of the company discovered Andrew Niccol who wrote & produced THE TRUMAN SHOW (Academy Nominated) as well as Iris Yamashita, Academy Nominated for LETTERS FROM IWO JIMA amongst others. We succeed when you succeed.


Feature - Finalists, Runers-up, Winners - 03/31/2017
Feature - Quarter Finals - 02/17/2017
Feature - Semi Finals - 03/10/2017

TV Pilot - Finalists, Runers-up, Winners - 03/31/2017
TV Pilot - Quarter Finals - 02/17/2017
TV Pilot - Semi Finals - 03/10/2017

Short - Finalists, Runers-up, Winners - 03/31/2017
Short - Quarter Finals - 02/17/2017
Short - Semi Finals - 03/10/2017

Play - Finalists, Runers-up, Winners - 03/31/2017
Play - Quarter Finals - 02/17/2017
Play - Semi Finals - 03/10/2017

Novel - Finalists, Runers-up, Winners - 03/31/2017
Novel - Quarter Finals - 02/17/2017
Novel - Semi Finals - 03/10/2017


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