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Registration ended: 10/20/2016
Contest Begins: 08/15/2016   Ends: 10/20/2016
FEE: $69/$64 Registration Expired

We're looking for ACTION MOVIES and carefully crafted THRILLERS. Whether you have a tense thriller or a big, effects-driven action film, we want to read your screenplay. Professional feedback from studio-trained readers is available on all entries.


Our 2016 jury includes some of Hollywood's top action and thriller screenwriters and producers:

  • Fred Specktor - Legendary Agent at CAA with iconic clients including Morgan Freeman, Pierce Brosnan and Dame Helen Mirren.
  • Jeannette Francis - Development at Warner Brothers, the studio behind such classics as MAD MAX, BLADE RUNNER, BATMAN, SUICIDE SQUAD, THE MATRIX and so many more!
  • Ryan Wickers - Director of Development at Luc Besson's company Europacorp, with such iconic action films as TAKEN, THE FIFTH ELEMENT, TRANSPORTER, LUCY and dozens more!
  • Steven E. De Souza - legendary screenwriter of DIE HARD, THE RUNNING MAN and more!
  • Tanner Mobley - creative executive at Nu Image (THE EXPENDABLES, OLYMPUS HAS FALLEN, RAMBO, KILLING SEASON, HOMEFRONT)
You have the option to receive a page of discounted professional feedback on your screenplay. We HIGHLY RECOMMENDED professional feedback if you want to get notes on your screenplay from one of our studio-trained industry readers. Our feedback is consistently regarded as the best in the industry. This option in no way affects your chances of placing in the contest, as our feedback readers are separate from our panel of contest judges.



Feature [70-140 pages]
- Action - Thriller

Languages: English
Tags: Cash, Consultant, Resource, Other, Feature, USA, Africa, Antarctica, Asia, Australia, Europe, North America, South America, Feedback for an add’l fee, We accept Student writers, Action, Thriller, Network / Industry Connections