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TV Pilot
Registration ended: 09/30/2016
Contest Begins: 08/09/2016   Ends: 09/30/2016
FEE: FREE Registration Expired
All applications need to be sent to : , with the following subject: "TV series 2017 - Name of the Project - Surname and Name of the project's manager" (example: "TV series 2017 - Lost - Smith John").

The email needs to have attached 3 types of files:

1) The Screenplay: possibly the full pilot, or alternatively an extract of it.

2) A file containing the following information:

a) Project's Manager Contacts (email, phone number, country)
b) TV series Title.
c) Logline: 3 sentences or 5 lines maximum that summarise the core of the story and highlight its originality.
d) TV series Synopsys: one / two pages maximum that summarise the first season plot in a captivating way (sort of a written pitch)

The following information need to be added to the file only if the situation described matches your case:

e) Information on books or other media products (video games/games/comics/films/other TV series/etc.) from which your TV series project took inspiration.
f) Literary agents already in charge of representing your TV series project.
g) Public presentations that your TV series project has already received or will receive before April 2017, specifying: when, where, which format (degree's final exam/festival/tv channels/pitching/etc), and what has been shown (trailer/extract/pilot/ etc)

3) The TV series creator /screenwriter /story editor's CV.

Deadline to send the projects: 30th of September 2016.

An answer will be given once the material has been received. In case of interest we will get back to you by the 30th of October 2016.

We take extremely seriously copyright issues: the material received will only be read by Milano Playwriting Festival's artistic director and not shared with anyone else without the prior consent of the author or his legal representative.

The files (screenplay, information required and CV) need to be sent in English, Italian or French language. Applicants sending material in Italian or French language need to be aware though that an English translation will be required later once the project has been selected.

For further information about Milano Playwriting Festival please visit: For all other enquiries please contact us




TV Pilot - Open Call: New Tv Series - 08/16/2016


TV Pilot
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