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Feature, Short
Registration ended: 03/25/2014
Contest Begins: 10/01/2013   Ends: 04/02/2015
FEE: $70/$65 Registration Expired

COMEDY NINJA Film Festival and Screenplay Competition - Los Angeles, May 30, 31st & June 1st, 2014


Besides showing a bunch of kick ass comedy features and shorts, this unmissable event will feature hysterical performances by stand-up comedians, celebrity judges and a rocking opening night kick-off party. There will also be a closing night ceremony where COMEDY NINJA HI-YAH! Awards will be handed out in all categories. Held in the heart of downtown Los Angeles, the COMEDY NINJA Film Festival and Screenplay Compeition will be a golden opportunity for funny writers and filmmakers to network with industry insiders as their laugh out loud work is showcased in front of an appreciative audience. 

So what are you waiting for? Submit your gut-busting NINJA or non NINJA related script or film today! 

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Feature - Selected Screenplays Announced - 04/01/2014

Short - Selected Screenplays Announced - 04/01/2014


Feature [85-125 pages]
- Comedy

Short [25-30 pages]
- Comedy

Languages: English

Festival Association

Tags: Workshops, Feature, Short, USA, We accept Student writers, Comedy, Network / Industry Connections