Fast Track Your Screenwriting Career!

Fast Track Your Screenwriting Career!

2016 FAST TRACK IV Results:


Hennah Sekandary with 48 Hour Fire      |      Adam Fidler with Etched in Stone: Forged


Special Mention (in alpha order by script):


Matthew Schutt with Convergence

Ron Peer with Donuts with Jerry

Susan Turley with The Frozen Lakes 

Vicki Peterson with Zoe and the Zebra


Top 50:


48 Hour Fire by Hennah Sekandary
Autopilot by Sam Butler
Bad Grapes by sasha siljanovic
Beneath Your Eyes by Dan Rivais
Biddies by Andrew Babick
Binge by James Mason
Bridge Keepers Pilot: Semmum Pretium by Breanna Barton-Shaw
Bronte by Yolanda Powell
Callisto by Robert Fagin
Convergence by Matthew Schutt
Cryptomeria by Blair Donahue
Darlings by Aaron Yeung
Donuts with Jerry by Ron Peer
Drone World by Dianna Zimmerman
End of Days by Sonja Verpoort
Escape from Sudan by antoine tardif
Etched in Stone: Forged by adam fidler
Eve by Angela Bourassa
Fabulous Disaster by Michelle Cutler
Fly Away by Chaz Pruchnicki
Galápagos by Lukas Hassel
Gitches by kelly byrnes
Good Guy with a Gun by Tyler McMahon
Henry Wallace by Michael Long
Hunters Pointe by Scott Liapis
In the Picture by Alex Benedon
Inheritance by Michael Curtis
Intelligents - Pilot by Scott Reynolds
Last Resort by George Covic
Loser Says What by Elizabeth Quinn
Lucidity by David Sueiro
Medicine Show by Christina Wollerman
Melodrama by Dustin McManus
My Mother's Daughter by Trudy Handel
Party Killer by Robert Fagin
Rise Of The Sun by James Visconti
Salt and Her Skin (Pilot Episode) by Michael Easton
That Bitch Is On the Patio by Anthony Giambusso
The Amazing Doctor O by Nancy Ellis
The Between Place by Marcus Leighton
The Chair by Richard Long
The Consultant by David Fairhurst
The Courage Inside by Melissa Emery
The Frozen Lakes by Susan Turley
The Same Face by Erik Santos
The Storm King by Vin Morreale
Through the Glass Darkly by Lauren Fash
Touts by Claire McGowan
Underground by Ted Campbell
Zoe and the Zebra by Vicki Peterson 



2016 FAST TRACK III Results:


Lily Mercer with No More Heroes      |      Andy Byrne with Disconn


Special Mention:


Steen's Folly by Jeffrey Gold 

Waterloo by Chuck Griffith

Up in Flames by Jason Kessler


Top 50 Screenplays:


A Vision Of Angels by Timothy Jay Smith

Absolution by Brian Gerber

Across The Pond by Andrea Harding

Affection by Chris O'Neill

Big Red by Brennig Hayden

Blue Death by Pamela Kay

Braid by Mitzi Peirone

Brights by Edward Klau

Disconn by Andy Byrne

Escaping Bellview by James Kicklighter

Finding Distance by Jodi Levitan

Ganbaru by Todd Maetani

Get Lost by Daniela Amavia

Glimpse by Glenn Acosta

Greek Surf by Jeanmarie Fenrich

Hell Hound: The Legend Of Robert Johnson by Giancarlo Fusi

Life As An Island by Ben Morton

Mexican/American by Michael Hahn

Misprints by Adam Preston

Modern Day Moses by Judy Nogg

Musashi & The Geisha by Stephen Kelly

Nate Of America by Robert Wooldridge

Nellie Bly: Reporter At Large by Lily Mercer

Neuro Confinement by Rory White

No More Heroes by Lily Mercer

Once Upon His Shoe by Pamela Kay

Quantum Effects - Pilot: My First Time by Neal Wiser

Quarterback Queen by Larry Woldenberg

Rebels by Alexandra Swenson

Saving Liberty by Harvey Yazijian

Silver Alert by Deana Costner

Six Letter Word by Lisanne Sartor

Sovereign Citizen by Craig Peters

Spirit Of Revenge by Paul Myerberg

Spirited Encounter by Kathy Meyer

Steen's Folly by Jeffrey Gold

Taking Christmas by Kyle  Wilson

Talk Show Host by Jake Blandford

The 49th Day by Craig Peters

The Aviatrix by Stephen Kelly

The Creed by Charles Fisher

The Elixir Of Pablo Garcia by Brian Gerber

The Empty Sea (aka The Fix) by David Poulshock

The Fossetts by Roman Howell

The Jungle by Rachel Beard

The Summer I Shrank My Grandmother by Anita Brandt Burgoyne

Up In Flames by Jason Kessler

Wake, Willow Dragon by Nell Scannon

Waterloo Pilot by Chuck Griffith

With All Deliberate Speed by Marcus Herzberg

2015 FAST TRACK II Results:


David Baugnon with The Messiah Project      |      Christopher DeWan with Wunderland



Special Mention:


7th Son by William Maurer

Ballerina Girl by Evan Cooper

Incurable by Jeff York 

Live From Mars by Christopher DeWan 

Sabira’s Awakening by Marcus Herzberg 

Sleeping Beauty by Tony Boland 

The God Box by Bill Karl  

The Puppy Cure by Michael Compton



Top 50 screenplays:


7th Son by William Maurer
A Fire in the Mind by Ken White
An Honorable Profession by Andrew Irvine
Ballerina Girl by Evan Cooper
Case of Darkness by Stephen Hoover
Chaos by Kevin Taft
Confessions by Stephen Hoover
Grace by Lynda Lemberg and Jeffrey Allen Russel

Hollywoodland by Andy Froemke
In The Cut by William Maurer
Incorruptible by Levi Bailey
Incurable by Jeff York
Last Train Home by Greg Vellante
Little GPS by John Kim
Live From Mars by Christopher DeWan
Lorenzo's Passion by Kathleen Twomey Wahed
Love's Remains by Matthew O'Connell
Nate of America by Robert Wooldridge
Never Stop Living by Bryan Caron
Nineveh by Rob Jacobsen
Private by Tara Hall
Sabira's Awakening by Marcus Herzberg
Saving Alleluia by Anne Katherine
Self Help, "Pilot" by Julie Livingston
Sight by Chance Muehleck
SkyBurner by David Baugnon
Sleeping Beauty by Tony Boland
Solomon's Bane by Helena Derett

Sugar Daddy by Michael Compton
Sugar Land by R.B. Ripley
Thaw by A.C. Abbott
The Book of Revenge by David Miller
The Boys Who Cried Wolf by Kevin Taft
The Choir by Luke Birch
The Contest by Andrew Irvine
The Fallout by Andrew Stylianou
The God Box by Bill Karl
The Messiah Project by David Baugnon
The Night Witches by Steven Prowse
The Puppy Cure by Michael Compton
The Sins of Lucky Foster by Greg Vellante
The Soul of the Murdered Kingdom by Wiktor Grodecki

The Untamed by Clayton Emery

Through the Cracks by David Rocchio
Tiger in the Woods by James McNulty
Torpedo Run by Farrin Rosenthal
Tree of Lies by William Simon
Two Entangled by Dawn LeFever
Wonderland by Daniel Baig
Wunderland by Christopher DeWan

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