15 Checkpoints To Make Your Screenplay More Saleable (ISA Sponsored)

Posted: Feb 23, 2015 Hosted By: Max Timm Guest: Melody Jackson

In this insightful teleconference, Dr. Melody Jackson, founder and Chief Smart Girl at Smart Girls Productions, will break down a variety of distinctions in screenwriting that have always been thought to be subjective. She turns them into a list of measurable checkpoints for evaluating your script's "saleability".


In this interview, some of the points she will cover are:

  • A fool-proof way to create a strong dilemma for your character. Most writers gets this completely wrong by doing the exact opposite - especially new writers.
  • The Critical Factor that must be present for us to care about your Main Character and the keys to implementing it into your screenplay.
  • Three Types of Stories to avoid at all cost in your first screenplay.
  • How to create your most interesting, edge-of-seat moments in your script.
  • A Big Mistake new writers often make and even love to do - even though it's a terrible idea.
  • A Simple Choice that will dramatically increase your odds of writing a commercial script on your first try.
  • Five Quick Ways to improve your script's commercial appeal in under two hours.
  • The Most Basic Element of your story that makes it more commercial for Hollywood.
  • Learn how long you should spend on a script if you're serious about a professional career.