Teenage Filmmaker, Luke Jaden: A History Assignment Leads To A Career (ISA Sponsored)

Posted: Apr 22, 2015 Hosted By: Max Timm

The ISA is excited to include Luke Jaden as part of our Curious About podcast series of interviews. In this interview, Max Timm – the Dir of Community Outreach with the ISA – holds possibly one of the more inspiring interviews yet. Luke is a 19 year-old writer and filmmaker hailing from Detroit, and over the past four years has gone from making a documentary about the abolitionist John Brown specifically for a history class homework assignment, to landing an Oscar nominated actor in his fifth and up and coming film. Luke discusses the peaks and pitfalls of being a young filmmaker, the guts it takes to pursue such a career, and how his high school history teacher unknowingly spawned his filmmaking career. Luke is an inspiration for writers and filmmakers of all ages, and we think you’ll especially enjoy his passion, spunk, and overall excitement over what he loves to do.