Lewaa Nasserdeen - TV Writing: From Canada to The Goldbergs (ISA Sponsored)

Posted: May 27, 2015 Hosted By: Max Timm Guest: Lewaa Naserdeen

The ISA has been lucky to have hosted some wonderful guests for these podcasts, and we look forward to even more insightful and inspiring interviews, but this interview happens to be one of our more enlightening. Lewaa Nasserdeen is a staff writer on the series, The Goldbergs, and his tenacity, positivity, and overall love for the writing craft is something we can all learn from. His insights into the TV writer’s room and how to navigate its hierarchy, along with his experience applying for and being accepted into the Disney/ABC Writing Program are priceless.


A Canadian, Lewaa made his way to Los Angeles with the very clear intent to become a working writer. Still young and just beginning his career, he has already accomplished so much and we look forward to hearing more success stories from him. If you’re looking for an interview that will get you excited to write and work your way into this business, this is the one you should listen to. A big thank you to Lewaa, and if you’re into it, you should follow him on Twitter @LewaaNass and thank him for spending his time with us. Enjoy the interview.