Leigh Savidge - Straight Outta Compton and How To Break In (ISA Sponsored)

Posted: Jun 8, 2015 Hosted By: Max Timm Guest: Leigh Savidge

Another in a long line of extremely informative interviews, Max Timm, the Director of Community Outreach for the International Screenwriters' Association (ISA), invited Leigh Savidge to discuss a rather vast array of industry elements and tidbits. From his upcoming movie, the 90’s hip-hop biopic, STRAIGHT OUTTA COMPTON (set to release in August of 2015), and his experiences writing that movie, to his work as the Founder and CEO of his distribution company Xenon Pictures. Founded in 1986, Savidge has taken Xenon from a small upstart to what in 1998 the LA Times proclaimed, “a pioneer in the video market for films geared toward young African Americans.”


A former stand-up comedian, freelance journalist and film editor, Mr. Savidge built Xenon from an under-financed pipe dream with one program and no major customers, into one of the film industry’s most successful independent distributors.


Leigh was gracious with his time, patient with his answers, and offered up fantastic insights into the writing world as well as the importance of approaching your screenwriting career with a business mind. We hope you enjoy, and thanks for listening.