Beating Writer's Block with Will Akers (ISA Sponsored)

Posted: Jul 7, 2015 Hosted By: Laurie Lamson Guest: Will Akers

For 20+ years, William M. Akers has been writing for money, teaching screenwriting to college students, and critiquing clients' scripts. One thing he knows is that when sitting down to write, different people face different demons. And, sometimes, just sitting down is the most difficult step of all.


The hell that is getting the words out can begin, literally, with how you choose to put them on the page. Pen? Computer? Write in a coffee shop? Pencil? Dictation? Different pencil? Writing partner who talks while you write? Elves who work while you sleep? Whatever way you get the words on the page is probably right for you. Just because someone else has a different technique doesn't matter one bit.


At its most basic, writing is about self-confidence or, at least, the freedom to fail.  Gaining assurance that your personal writing method is the best way for YOU to work is only the beginning. In this teleconference, Akers will discuss these death traps:


Choosing the wrong idea for you to write.


Picking the wrong main character (which happens more often than you think).

Self-censoring your work - too early.


Quit worrying you don't know the secret method, process, structure that will unlock writing's mysteries.


You will learn:


The Keith Richards writing technique - the greatest magic trick for creativity Akers has ever found.  

How research can actually kill your story.


If you can't write a single word - 5 simple action steps that will improve your story and writing, and get you unblocked.


The amazing (and breathtakingly easy) Random Thoughts technique to painlessly generate new ideas to rejuvenate and improve scenes.


The "South Park" writing lesson. 16 little bitty words that will vastly improve your structure, forever.


What Akers learned from Jerry Seinfeld, a writer who really, really hates to write.

A writing exercise that will take you so far in 30 minutes that you may not ever be afraid to write again.


No matter how bad it gets, no matter what horrible place you've managed to put yourself, you will learn that there is no hole too deep to write you out of.