Benefits of Consultants and Networking, with Story Expo Founder (ISA Sponsored)

Posted: Sep 1, 2015 Hosted By: Max Timm Guest: Derek Christopher

In a short installment of our Curious About Screenwriting podcasts, I interviewed Derek Christopher. Derek has been the go-to guy for the top consultants in the industry for over a decade. By organizing major events, seminars, and speaking arrangements with names such as late great Syd Field, Robert McKee, and Linda Seger, Derek has firsthand experience of how important working with a consultant really is.


Derek also runs and organizes Story Expo. Story Expo is a once-a-year event where writers and storytellers of all kinds gather in Los Angeles not only to network, but to take classes from the top consultants. Specific classes and seminars that are truly applicable and incredibly educational where you own personal writing craft is concerned. Taking place over the weekend of September 11, if you can make it out to Story Expo this year, it will be a can’t miss event. The ISA will happily be joining Derek and if you would like to meet the staffers of the International Screenwriter Association, as well as yours truly, come on out and say hi. You can learn more at