Generating Authentic Ideas with Christopher Dewan (ISA Sponsored)

Posted: Sep 2, 2015 Hosted By: Laurie Lamson Guest: Christopher Dewan

From an early August 2015 live teleconference, our Curious About Screenwriting Co-Host, Laurie Lamson, interviews screenwriter, Christopher Dewan. It is, however, more than just an interview. It could be considered a brainstorming session to generate not only more ideas, but ideas that deliver a winning recipe. Dewan states there are two halves to the creative process: generating ideas and then finding shapes to hold them. Screenwriting workshops tend to focus on the second half - structure - because it's easier to teach. But ideas themselves are considered unteachable, arcane and magical - gifts from the muse, so to speak. Whatever that muse, or writer God, may be.


So where do ideas come from? Christopher talks about how you can cultivate them into stories you want to tell and how to maintain a state of mind so you're always generating more. This fabulous interview offers tangible techniques and useful tricks to write in a way that resonates with relevant, personal themes - writing that rises up unplanned from your unconscious and leads you toward stories that only you could write. Thank you for listening to our Curious About Screenwriting podcasts. The ISA holds free teleconferences every month, so stay tuned to our Classes section of the ISA website – – and don’t forget to share and spread the word about our free podcast series. Enjoy.