Interview w/Prentice Penny, Consulting Producer on Brooklyn Nine-Nine (ISA Sponsored)

Posted: Sep 3, 2015 Hosted By: Jen Grisanti Guest: Prentice Penny

A native Los Angelean, Prentice grew up spending a lot of time in front of the television. Even though he was a huge UCLA Bruin fan, Prentice attended USC’s School of Cinema/Television. He majored in Filmic Writing and upon graduation he was not given a three picture deal.


Met with the sober reality that he had to now become a “professional writer”, Prentice wrote/directed an independent feature film, “You Say Tomato.” While he continued to write numerous spec TV scripts at night, Prentice worked several day jobs. He worked asa substitute teacher and tutor at a foster home for two years. In 2004, Prentice got his first break as a Writer’s Guild Trainee on the UPN show “Girlfriends.” He continued to work his way up to Executive Story Editor over the show’s final four seasons.


In 2008, Prentice was hired on Fox’s “Do Not Disturb” starring Jerry O’Connell, and in 2009 was a producer on the hit ABC show “Scrubs.” In 2010, Prentice started working on the critically acclaimed sit-com “Happy Endings”.


Prentice has been nominated for two NAACP Image Awards for “Outstanding Writing in a Comedy Series” for ABC sitcom “Happy Endings.”


Prentice has not only staffed consistently since 2004, but he’s also been developing. In 2011 Prentice sold his pilot, “How To Con Your Kid” to ABC and Fox - eventually

settling on ABC.


In between a stint on his three seasons of “Happy Endings”, Prentice was a producer on Fox’s 2011 TV show, “Breaking In” starring Christian Slater. During the summer of 2012, Prentice Created and was an Executive Producer on his first series, the NAACP award winning series, “The Hustle”. Billed as the first scripted hip-hop dramedy, “The Hustle” is the Fuse network’s landmark show featuring such guest stars as Jadakiss, Freddie Gibbs, and DJ Skee.


Prentice is currently a Consulting Producer on Brooklyn Nine-Nine and recently won a Golden Globe for best comedy in 2014.



·      Comedy writing/Branding of humor

·      Diversity

·      Staffing