The ISA Reviews: Spectre with Rising Star, Derek Asaff (ISA Sponsored)

Posted: Nov 27, 2015 Hosted By: Jeff York Guest: Derek Asaff

Our new Page to Screen podcast series is kicked off in James Bond style. In this series of interviews, the ISA will jump on the line with some of our Development Program writers to review newly released films and TV shows with Jeff York. Jeff is a long time development program writer, as well as film critic. With Page to Screen, we strip away all of the pretentiousness of typical film review sources and formats, and dive into the heart of the show by discussing the writing elements of each project.


Jeff and his guests will of course talk about what they enjoyed and didn't enjoy about each viewing, but we're taking a writing-centric approach to the review. In this particular conversation, we bring on Derek Asaff - a rising star within the ISA Development Program having recently optioned a feature comedy project with Original Film, and has a thriller TV series in line with Dark Horse Entertainment. 2016 should be an excellent year for Derek, and we're so excited to track his ongoing success. Here, Derek takes a little time away from working on his projects in order to break down the yes' and no's of the recent Bond film, Spectre. It's a fun conversation, and we will be releasing these every week with a new guest and a new release. Since awards season is right around the corner, be ready to here some great discussions about some excellent (or maybe not so excellent) new releases.


Thanks for listening, everyone! This is an interactive kind of podcast series, so please feel free to share your own thoughts on each movie or show that we review and leave your comments on the ISA Facebook page or Twitter account! The ISA loves offering you these free resources, and all we ask in return is to share the podcasts and rate us on iTunes. The more we can spread the love, the more love we have to receive in return. So listen and enjoy.