The ISA Reviews CREED w/ Veteran Writer, Vin Morreale Jr. (ISA Sponsored)

Posted: Dec 22, 2015 Hosted By: Jeff York Guest: Vin Morreale Jr.

In another installment of the ISA's Page 2 Screen podcast series, Jeff York brings on another one of our development program stars - Vin Morreale Jr.. Vin is a writer, director, actor and acting coach. He has already written and directed a number of films, as well as theatrical plays, and his IMDB page is extensive. In this podcast, he and Jeff will discuss the new Rocky sequel entitled Creed and examine exactly why it's hardly your typical sequel.


Creed concentrates on a new character, rather than Rocky in this one, though "The Italian Stallion" figures strongly in a supporting role. But this 7th sequel in the franchise concentrates on Apollo Creed's illegitimate son Adonis. And in the new movie, he's chosen boxing as a career, just like the dad he never knew, and turns to Rocky to help him train.


Jeff and Vin examine why this sequel feels so utterly fresh and new, despite it taking place 40 years after the Academy Award-winning original. They'll talk about how strong characters and fresh storytelling here trumps big setpieces. And how these are the kinds of tropes that all screenwriters should be striving for in whatever kind of script they're writing. Listen and enjoy, and please share your opinions about Creed or this podcast on our Twitter page - @NetworkISA. You can share your thoughts with Jeff York too on his Twitter handle @JeffYorkWriter. Thanks for listening, and making our new podcast such a hit already. Here are Jeff and Vin.