What To Write Next: Your Biggest Career Decision with Barri Evins (ISA Sponsored)

Posted: Mar 11, 2016 Hosted By: Max Timm Guest: Barri Evins

The single most powerful thing in all of Hollywood is a great idea. It's the "big fish" all the industry is hunting for and it's the best possible way for an aspiring writer to break in. We love the old commercial that Barri Evins, in this teleconference, references, and like the good folks at Starfish Tuna, not just any fish will do. Hollywood doesn't want tunas with good taste. Hollywood wants tunas that taste good!

During this teleconference with producer and consultant Barri Evins, we talk about how to target and develop the captivating concepts that Barri calls "hooky ideas." We help you discover what the industry is looking for and how to deliver it without selling yourself out. We go over, in thorough detail, the tools for generating ideas and identifying those ideas that will succeed. You need to find the idea that will lure in industry interest and catapult your career. We're all looking to get noticed, right? Barri and the ISA's, Max Timm, talk about the best ways to do so in this live podcast of Curious About Screenwriting.

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