The Craft: Hook, Emotion, & Why You Write (ISA Sponsored)

Posted: Sep 25, 2016 Hosted By: Max Timm

I'm back with the Craft podcast, everyone! I must admit that I didn't hold true to a promise that I made a couple episodes ago. I told you all that I was getting back into the regular, weekly release schedule for my podcast and yet, here I am, about three weeks later and finally getting another episode up. I know, I know, I'm a horrible person. I could dive into all of the reasons I was held up and haven't uploaded a podcast in a while like my book, The WishKeeper, had a book tour around the Chicago area in August. The ISA and I launched a new round of the live Master Class here in Los Angeles, and we're rebranding our online class, now called "Write An Amazing First Draft." I could also tell you all about the Story Weekend of seminars we hosted in downtown LA with consultants Pilar Alessandra, Chris Vogler, and Lee Jessup, OR I could even give you details on the recent Third Thursday events we're organizing, the new website we're launching, and the huge push we're about to do with the ISA Development Program.


I could go into all of that. I could come up with a few more reasons why I've been a bit slow in the release of The Craft, but you know... I don't want to make excuses. As you can tell I'm tossing out some comical jabs here and being forcefully ironic, but that's also just a part of my own voice and if you haven't read my book yet, well, you would likely see that I'm really just being myself.


Anyway folks, so much is happening with the ISA, and so much is happening with my own career, but I must say that I love taking these breaks with you. I really do love taking the time to give you insights on the storytelling process, and I really do love that you're listening. So let's dive in...