ISA Reviews: The Walking Dead (ISA Sponsored)

Posted: Oct 26, 2016 Hosted By: Jeff York Guest: Kent Williams

Halloween Special!


"The Walking Dead" keeps killing it as it enters its seventh season.


For those who are obsessed with "The Walking Dead", and it appears that most of its viewers are, the seventh season premiere delivered on its cliffhanger from last spring. All summer long, fans were teased with the possibility of two shocking deaths at the hands of new villain Negan. And the brutality wielded by his barbed-wired bat was harrowing for the audience's stomachs and hearts.


Still, despite such violence, the show kept its focus on character. The script focused on lead Rick Grimes' arc from cocky leader to morally defeated mortal. And the episode opened the door to lots of potential new directions: different leaders, unique threats, and even the possibility of hope for mankind. Negan may be one mean S.O.B., but for the writers to keep the show fresh and unexpected this long into their zombie apocalypse tale, well, that's no mean feat.