Creating a Winning TV Series with Jen Grisanti (ISA Sponsored)

Posted: Dec 29, 2016 Hosted By: Max Timm Guest: Jennifer Grisanti

We are presenting this podcast as an introduction to our upcoming TV Weekend on January 14 and 15 in Los Angeles. If you don't yet know about TV Weekend, you absolutely must check it out - a two-day event with Lee Jessup, Jen Grisanti and Corey Mandel, giving specific insight and an intensive on all aspects of the TV writing process, business, and how to write a pilot that sells. There will also be two panels presented with representatives from the industry such Gersh, a writer on the upcoming Netflix show, Ozark, a TV-specific manager and then some. Join us in Los Angeles in mid-January 2017 and learn from the best! See more here.


Jen Grisanti is a long-standing friend of the ISA, having jumped on the line with our Max Timm multiple times in recent past. We love having Jen on not only for her wealth of knowledge and expertise where TV writing is concerned, but because of her never-ending dedication to inspiring writers and motivating us all to keep pushing forward. While Jen and Max talk a lot about the TV pilot season and what it means for writers, there is a real emphasis on why so many shows right now are working so well. 

There isn't a secret to creating a great TV series and the industry isn't witholding such a secret from us, the writer. You have the ability to write great television, but it's absolutely essential (and might we say, mandatory) to enlist the help and support from someone like Jen Grisanti or her consulting and coaching peers. The reason the ISA hosts our podcasts is because you, the writer, need support through every step of the creation process and throughout your career no matter the level of success you achieve.


With a new year upon us, what better time than now to not only attend the ISA's TV Weekend event in January, but to also call upon Jen Grisanti to work with you one on one? The time is now, folks, so hop to it.