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Stephen M. Hunt's Screenplays in StoryPros Quarter Finals My feature screenplays "Edgar Allan Poe's The Oval Portrait" and "Precious Vengeance" both reached the quarter finals of the StoryPros Awards.
Stephen M. Hunt London Film Award Finalist. My feature screenplay "Precious Vengeance" is a finalist of the London Film Awards. This is the sixth time this year that it has reached the finals of a screenplay competition. In three cases it went on to win.
Stephen M. Hunt in Screenplay Festival Semifinals Both my feature screenplays have reached the semifinals of the Screenplay Festival semifinals. 
Stephen M. Hunt in another final. My feature screenplay "Edgar Allan Poe's The Oval Portrait" reached the finals of the Reel Writers Competition. I began entering this script into competitions in August 2013 and this is the fourth time it's become a finalist. On one occasion it went on to win.
Stephen M. Hunt breaks into the Moviebytes Top Ten of Winning Screenplays.

My first screenplay competition success was in January 2013 when my feature screenplay "Precious Vengeance" was a winner (4th) in the Los Angeles Screenplay competition.


By December 31st 2013 I clocked up another 25 screenplay competition achievements (not all wins) the upshot being that I now have four placings in the Moviebytes Top Ten of Winning Scripts; "Precious Vengeance" is 4th Urban genre, 5th Romantic genre and 7th Historical genre. "Edgar Allan Poe's The Oval Portrait is 8th Romantic genre.


"A Tell-Tale Heart" is the second of my Edgar Allan Poe trilogy and is entered into three new competitions. "The Raven" should be out there in screenplay-comeption-land real soon. 

Big News for Stephen M. Hunt

Being named in January as an ISA "writer to watch" was a huge surpise and a great pleasure. 


So in sceenwriting competitions since the new year I've finished quaterfinalist in the Nashville Film Festival and ScreenCraft Feature. I got to the semifinals of Table Read My Screenplay, ScreenCraft Fellowship and Screenplay Festival. I made the finals of Acclaim Film, Creativescope Awards and The Bare Bones Film Festival. I was a winner in The Bare Bones Film Festival (2nd script), Los Angeles Film & Script Festival and Screenplay Festival (2nd script). I'm presently advancing through various rounds in The Calssic City Film Festival, The Snake Alley Festival of Film, Reel Writers, Filmmaker Int Awards, Hill Country Film Festival and The Beverly Hills Film Festival. 


Watch my profile page for news on the chance-of-a-life-time writing gig I've landed and details of my short that's being filmed this summer.

Stephen M. Hunt Film, "EARLY RELEASE", in Post Prod w/Emmy Winner Guerreiro

Emmy Award winning director Miguel Guerreiro has finished principal photography for Hunt's short crime thriller "Early Release" - it's now in post-production.


Stephen Hunt Options Edgar Allan Poe Adaptation

Stephen M. Hunt's feature adaptation of Edgar Allan Poe's "The Oval Portrait" has been optioned by Concord Films LLC. Hunt had found success in multiple screenplay contests with various scripts, with OVAL PORTRAIT finishing as a finalist four times, and winning twice.


Concord picked up OVAL PORTRAIT and will be considering it as their third produced film. 

More Success for Stephen M. Hunt's Filmed Short Emmy Award director Miguel Guerreiro filmed Stephen M. Hunt's short script "Early Release" last year. The film became an "official selection" at the Golden Palmera Film Festival in Dubai, then The River Bend Film Festival in Indiana and then The Access Code Film Festival in Srinagar, India. It recently became an "official selection" at The Coventry Film Festival, UK to be shown on July 15th, 2015.
Stephen M. Hunt Receives Best Short Film Nominations After becoming an "official selection" at The Coventry Film Festival UK, Emmy Award winning Miguel Guerreiro's short film of Stephen Hunt's script "Early Release" has now been nominated for "best film" and "best actress". This intense crime / drama will be shown on July 15th with awards the same night. 
Stephen M. Hunt script repped in London. Last year  a string of 1st place wins made Steve Europe's most successful screenplay contest competitor. Networking from this platform led directly to an invitation to write a short crime-drama for an Emmy Award winning TV director (see Steve's prior posts). After that, veteran BBC writer Peter Mackie invited Steve to co-write  a TV pilot with him. The outcome was "Boss Girl" that went on to win 1st prize in this year's Marquee Lights TV pilot category. "Boss Girl" is now being promoted in London by Peter's agent. So these days, 95% of Steve's energy goes into promoting who he is and what he does. The upshot is he'll probably only finish one new feature script this year being "None Shall Survive" which is a brand new take on the horror/slasher genre.
Stephen M. Hunt

How many entries into screenplay competitions does it take to get a short screenplay filmed?  Well, in the case of Stephen M. Hunt's short fantasy drama script “Death’s Lady Love”, during 2015/16 Hunt entered it into dozens and dozens of them. It got nowhere frequently but also gradually clocked up eleven finalist placings and on one occasion came second. But during all this it was also accumulating 1st place wins -  it wasn’t until the seventh top prize that a deal was done. “Death’s Lady Love” commences filming this autumn on location in Maine.  There are two morals here. Firstly, just like Hollywood itself, screenplay competition land is fickle, indeed. Secondly, ride those ups and downs and never give up.

Stephen M. Hunt's Precious Vengeance won Best Script

My feature screenplay "Precious Vengeance" has just won "Best Script" in the Los Angeles International Underground Film Festival. This brings my overall tally of screenplay competition successes to twenty two including Grand Prize Winner, four other wins and three finalists placings.


"Precious Vengeance" has secured thirteen of these successes while my latest screenplay "Edgar Allan Poe's The Oval Portrait" has secured four, including an outright win. This script is the first in a Poe trilogy to be followed by "The Raven" and "The Pit and the Pendulum." 

Stephen M. Hunt's Screenplay Won in the Script Exposure Screenwriting Comp My feature screenplay Edgar Allan Poe's The Oval Portrait has won the Horror Genre section of the Script Exposure Screenwriting Competition.
Stephen M. Hunt's Screenplay Received Certificate of Excellence in SkyFest

After winning the horror genre of the Script Exposure competition, my feature screenplay Edgar Allan Poe's The Oval Portrait  has been awarded a "Certificate of Excellence" in the SkyFest Script and Film Festival.


The contest's winners are sellected from the certificate winners which, in effect makes the certificate winners, finalists. (The first two stages are called "accepted" and "honorable mention" - Ralph at SkyFest does things his own way!)


The Oval Portrait has also become a first round qualifier in the ongoing FilmMakers International Screenwriting Awards.


The coverage / analysis I've received for The Oval Portrait is simply fantastic and includes "..solid, professional, an icredibly well written script and adaptation .." and also " incredibly salable script.."

Stephen M. Hunt's feature, a Semi Finalist My feature screenplay Precious Vengeance is a Semi Finalist in the Fade In Awards. 
Stephen M. Hunt's feature a Finalist in CWA

My feature screenplay Precious Vengeance (aka Hearts of Cold Stone) is a Finalist in the Creative World Awards.

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Stephen M. Hunt Took 2012 Fresh Voices Top Honors Stephen M. Hunt took home the Grand Prize and the Spotlight Award for Best Script Written Outside of the US at the 2012 Fresh Voices Screenplay Competition for his compelling World War II drama, Precious Vengeance.
Hunt, an accomplished British playwright now living in France, was chosen as the Grand Prize Winner from over 1,000 screenplay entries by competition chairman Joel Mendoza. As Grand Prize Winner, Stephen won a $3000 cash prize plus career and script consultation from Attraction Entertainment.  Tags: 2016 Fresh Voices Screenplay Competition
Stephen M. Hunt's PRECIOUS VENGEANCE NAMED BEST FOREIGN SCRIPT Best Foreign Script Fresh Voices Feature with Precious Vengeance (aka Hearts of Cold Stone).
Quarter-finalist Fade In Awards with Precious Vengeance (aka Hearts of Cold Stone).
Quarter-finalist Sellascript All Access with Precious Vengeance (aka Hearts of Cold Stone). Tags: 2016 Fresh Voices Screenplay Competition