My Success stories

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Patricia White Options Anti-bullying Film to TX Productions After teaming up for the short, Blossoms of Faith, via an ISA Writing Gig post and was hired by TX Productions, TX has optioned second script by Patricia White, Following Phil - an anti-bullying story whereby tweens learn the only way to stop the pain of bullying is though acceptance.  Patricia is honored to be working with such a team of dedicated professionals once again.
Patricia White Options Family Film to TX Productions Thru ISA Writing Gig Due to applying for a posted ISA Writing Gig, Patricia White's family film "Blossoms of Faith" has been optioned by TX Productions. After a quick back-and-forth via email and a fruitful meeting, the production company agreed that not only does Patricia's writing ability and sample match the intentions of the company, but they look forward to working on multiple projects in the future. Patricia's "Blossoms of Faith" is about finding hope and faith during a time of great loss.