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'MOLLY MALONE' by James Vincent, FINALIST in Waterford Film Contest

The 'short' script; 'MOLLY MALONE' written by James Vincent was a finalist in the 10th Waterford Film Festival.


Molly Malone is an iconic character who gets millions of internet hits world-wide every year. Numerous versions of the song "Cockles and Mussels" were recorded by various artists, yet no film production has been made to date. A wide demographic already exists for this legendary character.


James Vincent is looking for funding to produce the 'short' film with a budget of €40,000, although he has also written a full 97 page feature on Molly Malone.


Tags: 10th. Waterford Film Festival
PREVIOUSLY OPTIONED: COMMITTED a psycho-thriller written by James Vincent

This psychological thriller screenplay is a marketable genre and a great actors’ script with unique characters. It’s also low budget and can be shot with minimum locations.

AGENT FROM TOP LOS ANGELES AGENCY represents James Vincent Agent Jo-Ann Carol of the Monteiro Dravis Agency decided to represent all of James Vincent's work after reading two of his seven screenplays.

HIRED TO WRITE A TRUE LIFE STORY (Screenwriter: James Vincent) James Vincent was hired to write the true life story of a legendary American sports icon. Tags: Scriptapalooza Screenplay & SHORTS Competition