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'The Magic of Your Touch' by L.M. Butler advances again L.M. Butler's 'The Magic of Your Touch' advances to the semi-finals of WriteMovies Winter 2016 Competition.
L.M. Butler's "Acts of Fate" is StoryPros quarterfinalist L.M. Butler's screenplay, "Acts of Fate"  qualified as a quaterfinalist in the 10th Annual StoryPros International Screenplay Contest. After the gruesome murder of his wife, an award-winning writer travels to Singapore for a lecture tour where he meets and falls in love with a married woman who looks like an exact, younger version of his murdered wife.
L.M Butler's "The Magic of Your Touch" progresses in Story Pros & Austin FF L.M. Butler's screenplay "The Magic of Your Touch" is an adaptation from the short story by Peter Robinson about a jazz musician in 1954 whose desire for success and love leads him to make a bargain with The Devil that ultimately  leads to fame, fortune and terror. This suspense //thriller placed in the top ten finals of the 2016 Story Pros Genre Contest and the Second Rounder placement in the 2016 Austin Film Festival Contest.
L.M. Butler's "The Magic of Your Touch" scores Silver "The Magic of Your Touch" wins the Silver Award for the 2016 World Series of Screenwriting Competition in the Horror Category.