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RICHARD WILLETT'S "9/10" WINS AWARD FOR DIVERSITY Richard Willett's feature screenplay 9/10 was the first runner-up in the diversity category of the Cynosure Screenwriting Awards. The judges said: "This is a well thought out, beautifully written film. Using the device that the audience knows more than the characters is a brilliant stroke. We root for them. Ache for them. Want them to be OK. The moment before Armageddon looks just like this, that's what the script is telling us. It's funny and romantic, and spooky, and sad, and filled with powerful emotion."
RICHARD WILLETT'S 9/10 OPTIONED My screenplay 9/10 has been optioned by independent producers David Kassin Fried and Beau Harris. Visit us at
RICHARD WILLETT'S "THE GAZEBO" SEMI-FINALIST IN FRESH VOICES COMPETITION Richard Willett's short screenplay THE GAZEBO is now a semi-finalist for the Fresh Voices Screenplay Competiton. The script tells the story of the final hours of an elderly couple who die together in a stalled household elevator during a heat wave. Tags: 2016 Fresh Voices Screenplay Competition
RICHARD WILLETT'S "THE FLID SHOW" IS REBEL SEED SEMIFINALIST Richard Willett's screenplay THE FLID SHOW was a semifinalist for Rebel Seed Entertainment's 2016 Adapted Screenplay Competition. It's based on his stage play and tells the story of an adult survivor of the drug thalidomide. Tags: Adapted Screenplay Competition
RICHARD WILLETT IS WORKING WITH KAMALI FILMS Richard Willett is currently working with producer Yolanda Parks of Kamali Films writing a script based on a true story she has life rights to.
RICHARD WILLETT'S "THE FLID SHOW" IS AFF SECOND-ROUNDER THE FLID SHOW, Richard Willett's story of a charismatic, belligerent English nightclub singer born with flipper-like arms because his pregnant mother took the drug thalidomide, has second-rounded in the Austin Film Festival Screenplay Competition (top 15% out of more than 9,000 scripts). Tags: Austin Film Festival Screenplay & Teleplay Competition

Richard Willett's 'After The Storm' about Franklin D. Roosevelt's struggle with polio, was one of the winners in the 2016 Rebel Seed Entertainment True Story Screenplay Competition.

Tags: True Story Screenplay Competition
RICHARD WILLETT'S "THE GAZEBO" A WINNER IN SHORT SCRIPT TO SCREEN Richard Willett's short script THE GAZEBO was one of four winners in the Short Script to Screen Competition. Tags: Short Script To Screen Contest
RICHARD WILLETT'S "THE GAZEBO" FINALIST FOR SHORT SCRIPT-TO-SCREEN Richard Willett's screenplay THE GAZEBO is one of the ten finalists for the Short Script-to-Screen Contest. Winners announced February 15. The script tells the story of the final hours of an elderly couple who die together in a stalled household elevator during a heat wave. Tags: Short Script To Screen Contest