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Steve Sherman's "Truckin' with Smilin' Jack" is WMC 34 Finalist Truckin' with Smilin' Jack is a WMC Finalist. In the full-length comedy, a man reluctantly struggles to fulfill last wishes per daily letters from his dead buddy who is riding shotgun while in a casket in the back of a broken down truck. It's a long, long way to six feet under. Tags:
Steve Sherman's Places Two Script in PAGE, Scriptapalooza & ScreenCraft

Sherman's HOME BREW is a PAGE International Quarterfinalist and a Scriptapalooza Semifinalist. it continues to receive recognition in the screenplay contest circuit with more notices of placement (and hopefully wins) yet to come.


A separate script, "AMOE EMBODIMENT", is also a ScreenCraft Comedy Quarterfinalist. 

Tags: PAGE International Screenwriting Awards , Scriptapalooza Screenplay & SHORTS Competition