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Jim Falletta and Boris Damaset Set on Romantic Comedy

Producer Boris Damast of Mechaniks has settled on a final draft of Jim Falletta's latest romantic comedy, MARRIED ON A MONDAY.  The script revolves around a group of family members involved in a destination wedding gone awry.


Damast is set to produce and direct the Romantic Comedy himself (following his work on ROAD TO CAPRI which has found distribution through Stealth Media and Atlas Distribution) and is now ready to take the project out to a couple of leading men for the main role as well as to begin the process of budgeting and scheduling.

Jim Falletta's "Product 125" is a Quarterfinalist It has recently been announced that Falletta's sci-fi feature, PRODUCT 125, is a Quarter finalist in the Stage 32 / The Blood List presents: The Search for New Blood Screenwriting Contest...Next up?  The Semi Final round!
Jim Falletta's PRODUCT 125 is a Semi-Finalist Falletta's sci-fi thriller, PRODUCT 125 has advanced to the semifinal round of the Stage 32 / The Blood List's "Search for New Blood Screenwriting Contest". The list is currently down to about 60 scripts competing for the top prize.
PRODUCT 125 Advances Again

Jim Falletta's futuristic sci-fi thriller, PRODUCT 125, has advanced to the Quarter-Finalist round of the 19th Annual Fade-In Awards (semi-finalists to be announced mid-August).  The script itself takes place in a future where pregnancy is illegal and where one family attempts to escape the wrath of the megalomaniac scientist in charge of protecting the establishment's greatest secret before their daughter and her unborn child are put to death. All told, PRODUCT 125 has received the following recognition: Amazon Studios Notable Projects List,  Semi-Finalist in the Stage 32 / The Blood List presents: The Search for New Blood Screenwriting Contest, Talentville Hall of Fame selection, and now this recognition from the Fade In Awards.

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Product 125 Receives a FINALIST Nod Jim Falletta's sci-fi thriller, PRODUCT 125, just finished as a Top 10 FINALIST in the Filmmatic Screenplay Awards. Please contact Jim directly if you would like to take a read. - Check out the Sci Fi list :).
'Product 125' Advances in Shoot Your Sizzle Jim Falletta's sci-fi feature script, 'Product 125', has placed in the Top 100 of the 2017 Emerging Screenwriters Shoot Your Sizzle Competition and is now moving on to the final round. Tags: Emerging Screenwriters Screenplay Competition
Jim Falletta's PRODUCT 125 Script Awarded Talentville Hall of Fame For the week of January 13th-20th, Jim's sci-fi thriller, Product 125, was awarded the Talentville Hall of Fame.  In its first ever rankings and reviews, the script was chosen as the #7 screenplay out of the Top 10.
Jim Falletta's Script is an Amazon Studios Notable Project Jim's latest sci-fi feature, Product 125, is currently listed on the Notbale Projects page for Amazon studios. Jim is rewriting the script now in the hopes of moving beyond the "notable" category and into the "produced" one!
Jim Falletta to Write an In-House Project for John Fogel Entertainment After reading Jim's latest feature, Product 125, John Fogel of John Fogel Entertainment has begun working with Jim on the screenplay for one of their in-house projects. When the script is finished, John is looking to produce the feature project.
Jim Falletta to Work with Boris Damast Again... Following 2 separate options of Jim's feature rom-com, Without A Hitch, Boris Damast is working with Jim again. This time, Jim is writing an original rom-com which Boris is looking to produce and direct once the project is ready.