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Christopher J. Valin Places in Multiple Screenwriting Contests

Christopher Valin has placed in numerous writing contests, including: Wins: Golden Age of Television Pilot Competition (2010), Cowrite Script, Week 9 (2009), Scriptwriters Network, Producers Outreach Program (2000),, Kirk v. Picard contest, Week 3 (2007), L.A. Times “Birds of Paradise” novel, Chapt 14 (2008),’s “Spec Scriptacular” contest (2nd, 2011). Finals: TV Writer People’s Pilot Competition (2010), Cowrite Script, Week 7 (2009), Scriptapalooza TV (2000),, Speed Racer contest (2008). Semi-Finals: TVWriter Spec Scriptacular (2011, 2012), Chesterfield Fellowship (2000), Fade In Awards (2009), Storypros Screenwriting Contest (2010), Scriptapalooza TV. Quarterfinals: Nicholl Fellowship (1999), Scriptapalooza (2000), Scriptapalooza TV (2002, 20011), Top Ten Percent (Second Round): Austin Film Festival, TV Pilot Competition (2011) and Screenwriting Competition (2002).

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