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Monte Moore's "Cutter" script optioned by One Eyed Dog Films Monte Moore has experienced many successes in his long career as a comics, gaming and fantasy illustrator, but his screenwriting career is also gaining traction and attention.  Since 2008 Monte's work has been made into 2 feature films, and he has been hired to create 2 work for hire features for clients drawn to his work.  His most recent success includes the current option by One Eyed Dog Films which came from Monte answering an ISA post looking for scripts.  The "Cutter" script was previously optioned several times, and this is now the 5th option for this screenplay, which was the very first written by Monte back in 2008.   Currently Jason Flemyng is attached to the play the title character, which can be viewed on imdb as well other actors attached to the project.
NY Screenplay Contest - Park Ave Award Winner - Monte Moore & Deren Abram

 Monte Moore and Deren Abram's Charlie and the Lost Train wins 2015 Park Avenue Award.


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