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Taylor Albertson's Short Script 'The Ice Road' Finds Success at IFFF Taylor Albertson's family friendly short script, The Ice Road, has been named an Official Finalist at the International Family Film Festival. The festival is set to be held in November in sunny California!
Taylor Albertson's The Ice Road Takes 2nd at IFFF and Wins at Oregon Taylor Albertson's exciting short script, THE ICE ROAD, has taken second place at the International Family Film Festival and won the Orgeon Film Festival. This is her first script to garner recognition on the festival circuit, but not the first she has written.  While not yet optioned the wins and recognition, "inspire me to keep going. I am getting better and better and I'm not quitting." "One day this will get made and I can't wait." THE ICE ROAD deals with a teenage father's attempt to save his family after getting them stuck on one of Alaska's trecherous ice roads, and is on the ISA site.
Winnipeg Real to Reel Names Preparation an Official Selection Screenwriter Taylor Albertson's faith-based short "Preparation" has been named an Official Selection of the Winnipeg Real to Reel Film Festival. "This script hits home in a lot of areas with me, and it teaches a valuable lesson about what we are to learn from our circumstances. I am very proud this script is garnering some attention." Winnipeg has not announced the winner yet. Taylor is one of the Top 3.
Taylor Albertson's Horror/Thriller Short A Page Quarterfinalist

Up and coming screenwriter Taylor Albertson's horror/thriller short, Dream House, has been named a Page Quarterfinalist. This is the second shout out to the short script. Earlier this year it was named a semi-finalist at Palm Street Films annual contest.


"This is very exciting! The next step is to see it made into a short film." The script is available on the ISA site and Taylor "would love to see it made by an ISA member."

Short Written For A Gig Gets a Nomination Taylor Albertson's horror/comedy short Careful What You Wish For, which was written for a gig from the Network ISA site, is now an official nominee for September at the LAIFFA. "I didn't get the gig, but I never stop writing and editing.I'm happy with the nom and can't wait to see what I can do with the script."
Storypros Names Taylor Albertson's Signs of Warning A SemiFinalist ISA member Taylor Albertson's faith based drama/thriller Signs of Warning has been named a StoryPros semifinalist. "I've worked really hard developing this script in 2015. I've gotten notes, and have written and re-written based on these notes. I'm proud of the placement." The script was also named a QuarterFinalist at ScreenCraft's Family Friendly contest earlier this year. " I really want to sell this one in 2016 and will work hard to get it done. It's an important story and will make either a great TV movie or feature." Tags: StoryPros Awards
Taylor Albertson A BlueCat Quarterfinalist with Faith Based Screenplay Signs of Warning, a faith based screenplay that has been a Quarterfinalist at ScreenCraft and a Semifinalist at Story Pros, is now a Quarterfinalist at the BlueCat Screenplay Competition. "I've devoted at least one year to the development of this script. Writing and re-writing, trimming, adding, getting notes. It's paying off. I look forward to the future with this script." Tags: Blue Cat Screenwriting Contest
Taylor Albertson Gets Two Scripts In The Quarterfinals Of Page

Signs of Warning, a faith based feature length thriller, and Dream House, a horror/thriller short, have made their way into the quarterfinals of The Page International Screenwriting Awards.

Signs has had a big year, making it to the quarters of BlueCat, the semifinals of ScreenCraft Family Friendly and now Page. Dream House has been a Crimson Finalist this year, made great strides last year at Shriekfest (Taylor is still waiting to hear about this year at Shriekfest with the script) and now of course success at Page.

"Not only is it already a good year, the rest of the year is going to be great too. No matter how any contest turns out, I've got these projects really gaining traction. On top of that I'm editing away on two other feature screenplays that have placed in various contests as well. I really feel I'm hitting my stride here and garnering a great portfolio." 


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Taylor Albertson celebrates a great year for her script 'Signs Of Warning'

2016 has been a stellar year for Taylor Albertson's faith based screenplay, 'Signs of Warning'.


'Signs of Warning' was awarded a place as a BlueCat quarterfinalist, won the Winnipeg Real to Reel screenplay competition and been in the semi's of The Page International Screenwriting Awards and the Screen Craft Family Friendly competition.


Albertson says of her success  "I've been working away on this script with every spare minute I've had.  I've been learning and growing and have gone from just quarterfinal finishes to semi's and even winning.  Hard work pays off and I'm going to keep chipping away and learning all while looking for representation."

Taylor Albertson's Vengeance Makes Emerging Screenwriter's Top 100 ISA Member Taylor Albertson's action/thriller "Vengeance" has been named one of the top 100 at the Emerging Screenwriter's Screenplay Competition. "This is so awesome!"  the writer beams. This success comes as another one of her scripts, the drama short "The Ice Road", found success at the IFF as the runner up last year. "I'm feeling really blessed lately," she states. "I'm on pins and needles waiting for the annoucement of the top six from Emerging." No matter the outcome, Taylor plans on continuing writing, editing, and doing whatever needed to get what every screenwriter wants most, the elusive sell. Tags: Emerging Screenwriters Screenplay Competition