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2016 1 page screenplay festival winner: Thomas Thorpe's Desperate Crossing

Thomas Thorpe's screenplay: Desperate Crossing is the winner of the 2016 1 page screenplay festival sponsored by L.A. FEEDBACK Film Festival .The winning screenplay performance reading is forthcoming.


Three sisters are stranded on the coast of Russia. Separated from their husbands, they encounter escaped convicts from the Siberian Gulag. 

Tags: L.A. FEEDBACK Film Festival
Thomas Thorpe's Night Wind to Bahia winner of the 2016 1st Scene Festival

Thomas Thorpe's screenplay Night Wind to Bahia is the winner of the 2016 1st Scene Screenplay Festival sponsored by Wild Sound Performance reading will take place in October.


The script centers on a nobleman, who after a shipwreck, searches for his wife uncovers a plot to kill Brazil’s eight-year old Prince with a blood transfusion 60 years before blood typing. 

Tags: First Scene Screenplay Festival