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Barry Pagel's John - TV Pilot

Barry Pagel is a Diamond Award winner in the California Film Awards for his pilot spec.  

It is a modernization of the exploits of John the Beloved an Apostle of Jesus Christ and their dealing of current day issues.

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Screenplay "Undercurrent" was awarded a Silver Award in the 2015 California Film Awards.  Two detectives get in over their heads in a case that leads to a hidden undercurrent of Socialism trying to take over the governmrent. 

After a rewrite it was recently awarded an Honorable Mention in the 2016 California Film Awards. 

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Pagel's Suspense Thriller, 2nd Runner-up at LA Film & Script Festival Barry Pagel's UNDER CURRENT was the second runner-up at the Los Angeles Film and Script Festival in the Supsense category, and 17th place in all overall categories Tags: Los Angeles Film