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2015 Screencraft - Action & Thriller semifinalist WHAT YOU KNOW is an edgy crime thriller involving an idealistic woman who steals a box of evidence from a man who had abducted her and friends years ago for a night of torture. It is a semi-finalist for ScreenCraft's 2015 Action and Thriller Screenplay contest! Tags: Screencraft Action
2015 Scriptapalooza quarterfinalis SMALL BLUE is a science fiction feature about a pilot who is pressured by her fellow astronauts to take command of a troubled deep space mining mission when all contact from Earth goes dead. Tags: Scriptapalooza Screenplay & SHORTS Competition
2014 PAGE Awards quarterfinalist (co-writer) QUESTERS is a children's medieval fantasy about a young shepherdess who leads a team of questers to find the missing prince, stolen at birth, before a treaty forces the kingdom to surrender it's lands to a rival. Tags: PAGE International Screenwriting Awards