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Eve Noel's Short "The Secret", a finalist Congratulations again to Eve Noel for her short screenplayThe Secret, chosen as one of 10 finalists. A winner will be chosen on April 30th,and we wish her luck. This is a fourth recognition for Eve, as she continues to hone and craft her skills, and wish her many more to come. Tags: 2016 Artists Alliance Short Screenplay Contest
Eve Noel's The Mystery About Madeleine Eve's screenplay has received the prestigious Grand Jury Award for 2016 from the Neo Noir Film and Script Festival in L.A..  She has won numerous awards for her writing skills and, we are sure there are more to come.   We want to congratulate her.  Tags: L.A. NEO NOIR SCRIPT FESTIVAL
EVE NOEL 4TH PLACE FINISH THE MYSTERY ABOUT MADELEINE -TV PILOT Congratulations for a 4th place finish in The Indie Gathering International Film Festival scheduled for August 8-14, 2016.  The script, The Mystery About Madeleine, is her second award received this year and we are sure there will be more awards to come.   Tags: The Indie Gathering International Film Festival
THE SECRET BY EVE NOEL, RECEIVED HONORABLE MENTION An Honorable Mention for "The Secret" by Eve Noel.  This is the second recognition in a contest for The Secret and we want to congratulate her again on her success.  The Indie Gathering International Film Festival is scheduled for August 8-14 in Ohio and two of Eve's scripts will receive two awards.  The first is The Mystery about Madeleine, a TV-pilot receiving 4th place finish and The Secret, a TV-pilot as well. Tags: The Indie Gathering International Film Festival
EVE NOEL'S "THE MYSTERIOUS LIFE OF MADELEINE - A FINALIST AT MASSIFF Congragulations again to Eve Noel  for "The Mysterious Life of Madeleine, winnning it's third award.  It is a fantasy tale of a young woman's learned true identity at the age of 30 and her purpose on earth.   This screenplay has been written as a short and a feature and as a three part television series.   This is her eighth award since her introduction to screenplay writing in 2014.     Tags: Massachusetts Independent Film Fest screenplay contest
Eve Noel's Short "Love in a Dungeon" a Finalist in the Courier Awards Eve Noel's Love in a Dungeon, named as a finalist on 12/13/2015 at the Courier Awards.  This is her 9th award and we are sure more is to come.  Love in a Dungeon is a short that takes place inside the dark world of New York's train dungeon where a chance meeting of two lonely people ends up in a romance.   Tags: Courier Awards

'The Mysterious Life of Madeleine' by Eve Noel won the TV pilot screenplay for November 2016.  The script was performed by professional actors and can be viewed on Youtube.  It is a Horror-Fantasy screenplay with biblical implications.  See it at:

Tags: TV Pilot/Spec Screenplay Festival , TV writers Contest
EVE NOEL 'S SCREENPLAY HAS RECEIVED AN OFFICIAL SELECTION SEAL AT MASSIFF Eve Noel's screenplay Dangerous Liaisons has received an official selection seal from the Massachusetts Indie Film Festival scheduled for August 26th - 29th in Cambridge and Somerville, Mass.  Congratulations on her third script recognition and  her continued success.  On award night, Dangerous Liaisons was one of 5 nominated screenplays held at Harvard Square in Cambridge, Mass. Tags: Massachusetts Independent Film Fest screenplay contest
EVE NOEL HAS RECEIVED ANOTHER RECOGNITION. Her screenplay Dangerous Liaisons has been nominated for a Best Screenplay Award in the L.A. Neo Noir Film and Screen Festival in Los Angeles on August 8, 2015.  The results will be revealed on that day, and we wish her luck.  Congratulations on her continued success. Tags: L.A. NEO NOIR SCRIPT FESTIVAL
Eve Noel, Quarterfinalist at WeScreenplay

Noel's scripts, "The Outcasts", advances as a quarterfinalist in the 2015 WeScreenplay International Screenwriting Competition. The contest is still ongoing, so more to come on "The Outcasts" and how it fares in latter rounds.

Tags: WeScreenplay International Screenwriting Competition