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Geoff Holder's Oscar-bait screenplay ZOMBIE PATROL has won the International Horror Screenplay Competition run by Visceral Films. It's now in development for their 2016 production slate with a $2million budget. 

    A newly-created zombie wants to return to life so he can woo the girl he loves - but first he has to deal with the vicious biker gang who want to take over the horror theme park where he works as a pretend zombie.

    Visceral Film's President Scott Wohlstein said: "Geoff Holder's story works in so many different ways - it's a character-driven horror rompfest complete with humor and a great story arc. It highlights the Land of Illusion theme park and the mission of the contest perfectly."

    With a cast that includes Voodoo gods, chainsaw maniacs and mad scientists, the movie's principal location is the Land of Illusion Horror Theme Park in Ohio.

    Geoff also has a first-look deal wih Visceral Films for future projects.


Geoff Holder hired to write British supernatural thriller FIRST AND ONLY

Writer Geoff Holder joins the screenwriting team for upcoming British supernatural thriller FIRST AND ONLY.


Watch this space for updates.

Geoff Holder's horror script 'THE DEVIL'S ANSWER' optioned

Geoff Holder's contained supernatural horror 'THE DEVIL'S ANSWER' has been optioned by a production company in LA.


This is Holder's second horror script to be optioned in 2016


Geoff Holder's THE DRAGON RIDER is a sci-fi epic which pitches dragons versus aliens.

    A disaffected psychic discovers she has been chosen by a great Dragon to lead the human resistance against an overwhelming alien invasion. But she doesn't want the job. Until the ETs threaten her estranged daughter. 

    Things explode. A lot.

    The script was previously a quarterfinalist in the Stage 32 Search for New Blood contest.  

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THE DRAGON RIDER by Geoff Holder wins Honorable Mention in WISC

Geoff Holder's sci-fi THE DRAGON RIDER gains Honorable Mention (4th Place) in the WeScreenplay International Screenplay Competition. 


A few comments from the judges:
"This is a terrific piece that does an excellent job of making the impossible probable. The core of the story is strong and offers a truly exciting adventure."

"Filled with chair gripping action, The Dragon Rider is a fun yet somewhat campy fantasy romp with a cast of unique characters who manage to stand out while not upstaging our protagonist. Sigourney Weaver like heroine Jane is nicely complex, dark yet likable, helping give body to an extremely enjoyable tale."


Congratulations to all the winners.  

Tags: WeScreenplay International Screenwriting Competition