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The Irish Film Board has high praise for Mary DeSantis's Fantasy/Adventure screenplay, Ashling. The following are excerpted from IFB Readers' Reports, August 2015:


"Pulling together elements of stories such as Lord of the Rings, "Game of Thrones," Hunger Games and even Brave, this sprawling epic seems more suited to the expanse of a novel than a screenplay."


"...there's a hunger for these kinds of stories."


"Mythology-based fantasy adventure of epic proportions set in Ireland... Along the lines of Narnia, Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, Harry Potter, Beowulf... Very strong heroine... It has a lot of commercial elements and could be visually striking: big war/battle pieces, fantastical creatures, superpowers, romantic subplot, chess-style power games between groups, a ticking clock."

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Native Irish writer, Mary DeSantis, has made it to the finals of the very first international screenplay competition at the Wexford Film Festival. Her Fantasy/Adventure script 'Ashling' is based upon Ireland's mythology and history.


"I am delighted that my writing has been honored in this way by my fellow countrymen. This is, indeed, a powerful validation of the story." -- Mary DeSantis. 


DeSantis has called California home for three decades. 

ASHLING labeled "KID-FRIENDLY" by 2016 Emerging Screenwriters contest judge

A judge in the 2016 Emerging Screenwriters Screenplay Competition has described Mary DeSantis's feature-length script 'ASHLING' as "an eventful adventure that showcases a mythological world filled with elves, giants and dragons" that will "engage young fans of fantasy adventure films like "Brave" and "How to Train Your Dragon."

The judge went on to say, "The narrative also offers strongly cinematic action and battle sequences that should look great on the big screen."

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MARY DESANTIS makes the Quarter Finals! 2016 FreshVoices Screenplay Contest Mary's feature script 'Ashling' is a dynamic sci-fi fantasy adventure set in Ireland. The female protagonist is a member of Ireland's minority nomadic culture known as An Lucht Siuil, or the Travelling People. The script is also under consideration for the FreshVoices Culture & Heritage Award! Tags: 2016 Fresh Voices Screenplay Competition
MARY DESANTIS wins Best Fantasy Script, 2015 TableReadMyScreenplay Contest!

Placing in the TOP 10 out of nearly 1,000 entries worldwide, Mary DeSantis's script, Ashling, beat out all other entries to claim the BEST SCREENPLAY IN THE FANTASY CATEGORY at the 2015 Table Read My Screenplay Contest, January 2015 (Park City).


ASHLING is an historical fantasy in the vein of Tolkien's 'Lord of the Rings' that fronts a powerful female lead.


A freak hang-gliding accident catapults an Irish university student back to a time when Fomorian Giants from the Northern Isles and the Elven race of the Tuatha De Dannan are in pitched battle for supremecy over the island kingdom. Ashling's arrival proves to be the fulfilment of ancient prophecies and her actions ensure the survival of the fledgling human colony.

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DeSantis Nominated for Culture & Heritage Award, 2016 FreshVoices Contest!

Mary DeSantis was recently notified that her Fantasy/Adventure script, Ashling, has been nominated for the 'Culture & Heritage Award' during the preliminary judging stage of the 2016 Fresh Voices Screenplay Contest.


"This script represents the myths and fables of Ireland with great reverence, which, despite the popularity of Western mythology in the fantasy genre, remains underrepresented," explained the Fresh Voices Judge as the reason for the nomination. 


Ashling is set entirely in Ireland and features a strong female lead, a time travel element, mythological creatures, a romantic subplot, plus epic battles between humans, giants and elves.


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Mary DeSantis - Quarterfinalist in 2015 FilmMakers International

If 'Red Dawn' met 'The Alamo' the result would be 'NO QUARTER' -- a modern-day adventure story set in the California High Desert. When a close-knit construction crew orchestrates a massive prison break from a facility they built, their efforts are broadcast live around the world, drumming up the grassroots support they need to overthrow the socialist government, restore the nation's sovereignty, and repel an invading army.


NO QUARTER was a quarterfinalist in the 2015 FilmMakers International Screenwriting Awards. 



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Mary DeSantis writes the first screenplay published in a CWC anthology! 2015 is the year that the California Writers Club brought screenwriters in from the cold. In the recently published anthology of the High Desert branch, a short screenplay by Mary DeSantis establishes precedence as the first script ever accepted for publication by the statewide organization.

DeSantis adapted a hundred-year-old short story, titled Pigs Is Pigs, by Ellis Parker Butler. The comedy describes the outlandish knots that bureaucracies will tie in order to squeeze every last dime from consumers, and is just as relevant today as it was in 1906.

The anthology is titled 'For the Love of Writing' and is available for purchase at Tags: Cali Writers Club