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"Lemon Made" Wins Grand Prize Emerging Screenwriters contest Described as Goodfellas meets The Sandlot, the family friendly Lemon Made is the Grand Prize winner in the 2015 Emerging Screenwriters Contest.  Called "inventive, nostalgic and fun for parents and kids" by the judges, Lemon Made offers up a new take on a beloved genre. Tags: Emerging Screenwriters Screenplay Competition
Lemon Made Wins Atlanta Film Fest Screenwriting Comp & TRMS Comedy Category

"Lemon Made" has been named one of three winners for the 2016 Atlanta film festival.  The three feature screenplay winners are flown to Atlanta during the festival for the ATLFF Screenwriters' Retreat, a three-day immersive experience where they will work with three established screenwriters and industry professionals. Winners will also receive a one (1) year-long CONNECT membership with the International Screenwriters Association. 


Additionally, Lemon Made continues to find success outside of the "family friendly" category by winning Best Comedy Screenplay at the 2015 Table Read My Screenplay, Park City contest!

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Lemon Made a semi-finalist at AFF 2015, will be staged reading at festival

Lemon Made, a semi-finalist at the 2015 Austin Film Festival, was featured as one of four staged readings at the Festival.  Erik Adolphson also took second place in the prestigious Austin Pitch Fest with his pitch for Lemon Made.


Additionally, Lemon Made took the Bronze prize in the Family Film category at the 2015 World Series of Screenwriting. 

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