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Joy Gee"s DRAGON CALLER a first round qualifier! Joy Gee's DRAGON CALLER has passed first round qualification in the Filmmakers International Awards. This is the same script that recently won the World Series of Screenwriting award for science fiction.

DRAGON CALLER, the story of an orphaned teen brought to the planet Tylan 4 where he is paired with a dragon and must fight intergalactic terrorists, is now a semifinalist in the Filmmakers International Screenplay Competition after winning gold in the Science Fiction category in the World Series of Screenwriting. This script is also available in a four-part mini-series format and won BEST TV PILOT in the Westfield Screenwriting Awards.

Tags: The West Field Screenwriting Awards , WORLD SERIES OF SCREENWRITING CONTEST
TWO TOP SCREENPLAYS FOR JOY GEE Results are in from the World Series of Screenwriting contest and Joy Gee has a winner in DRAGON CALLER for the Science Fiction category and a finalist, COYOTE SUMMER, in Family Films. DRAGON CALLER is a 120-minute feature film presentation of Joy's unpublished novel RISK, which is also available to option as a mini-series.  Tags: WORLD SERIES OF SCREENWRITING CONTEST
Joy Gee a Finalist at CWA after winning at New Hope Joy Gee continues to do well in competition with both feature film and tv pilot scripts.  In the past twelve months she has won at New Hope Film Festival Script Competition, West Field Screenwriting Awards, and was a finalist at the Creative Writing Awards. Tags: Creative World Awards Screenwriting Contest , New Hope Film Festival Script Competition