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Eric Irizarry's "The Message" is a Best Scripts Nominee at the BTSF

2015 Brightside Tavern Shorts Fest- Eric Irizarry's "The Message" is a Nominee for Best Scripts.  The second annual event at Jersey City's Brightside Tavern hosted by Chris Cullen and Chris Capaci.

The Message is a short film thriller about an average night out that spirals into a waking nightmare as a bride to be is pursued by an inhuman stalker with a disturbing message.

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Eric Irizarry places top scripts in The International Horror Hotel 2016

Eric Irizarry placed top scripts in the short comedy horror genre of The International Horror Hotel 2016.  His short script "Six Feet Under Par" outlines a Golfer and a Caddy's, who happen to be serial killers, rampage across town using people like they would golf balls.  Reviewers called it an anarchistic absurdist comedy with an underlying distubed nuance.

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Eric Irizarry Is A Logline Finalist

Eric Irizarry was named a 2015 Finalist in the LA Screenwriter Logline Contest this past June. From the LA Screenwriting Team:


"We love the idea of a gritty, comic-book type drama that focuses on a character who may be a hero to some and a villain to others. There are a lot of levels here — plenty of fodder for multiple gripping seasons." - Angela Bourassa- The LA Screewriting Team

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