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"Nightfire" written by Los Silva and director Brando Benetton - Trailer

Nightfire is an undergraduate student film by Brando Benetton and Garrett Nicholson, and features an international cast that includes Dylan Baker (‘Spider-man 2’, ’Road to Perdition’, ‘The Good Wife’), Bradley Stryker (‘Bruce Almighty’, ‘Supernatural’), and Lorenzo Pisoni, as well as Becky Ann Baker (‘Girls’, ‘Gotham’) and Italian actor Francesco Pannofino (‘Boris’). Original music composed by Jonathan Russell.



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Writer/Director Los Silva - 1st Runner Up with a hilarious spec commercial

Thirty second commercial directed by Los Silva for Crunch Gym's 'Shoot Me Please' Contest starring their mascot the Crunch Bunny gets first runner up. Commercial embodies Crunch's "No Judgments" Philosophy. Photographed and edited by DP Raul Martinez Liera. Philosophy.