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Evan Cooper is a 2016 Script Pipeline Finalist

Out of 5000 entries, Evan's feature screenplay, Ballerina Girl, received a spot in the top 20 at this year's Script Pipeline contest. Set in Moscow, the script tells the story of a young woman's mysterious murder in the Russian capital, and the grisly investigation that follows.  


Evan is repped by manager Kailey Marsh.  

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Evan Cooper Receives Honorable Mention x2

Evan Cooper's original feature, Ballerina Girl, picked up two honorable mentions in this year's Screenplay Festival for Action/Adventure and Thriller. 


Set in Russia, the story centers around a grisly murder investigation of a foreign ballerina.   

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Evan Cooper Signs with Manager and Blood List Creator, Kailey Marsh

His original screenplay, Ballerina Girl, caught Kailey's attention shortly after its success in the ISA's Fast Track competition, 2015.


Set in Moscow, the story centers around the brutal and mysterious murder of a young ballerina. But when her brother tries to pin the crime on Russia's military elite, the case takes a frightening turn.  


Kailey's website, The Blood List, was created in 2009 to bring attention to unproduced dark genre screenplays.

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Ballerina Girl Receives "Special Mention" in the ISA Fast Track Fellowship

Out of roughly 1000 entries, Evan Cooper's crime thriller, Ballerina Girl, placed in the top ten screenplays at this year's ISA Fast Track Program, receiving an honorable mention as well.


Set in Russia, the story centers around the grisly and mysterious murder of a young ballerina. But as the hunt for her killers runs dry, an overlooked piece of evidence leads one investigator to believe she was killed by a high-ranking military official. An idea that quickly becomes unpopular in Moscow. 

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Evan Cooper's Ballerina Girl Places Top 1% in Final Draft's Big Break 2014

Ballerina Girl by Evan Cooper made the Top-10 Features list in last year's Final Draft Big Break competition. The script was selected out of roughly 7000 entries. Ballerina Girl tells the story of an estranged brother who investigates the murder of his sister months after her disappearance from a ballet school in Russia. 


The screenplay was also a top finalist in both the Emerging Screenwriters Competition and Breaking Walls Thriller Contest, 2014.

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Ballerina Girl Places Top Ten Finalist in American Zoetrope

Francis Ford Coppola's 13th Annual Screenwriting Competion has selected Evan Cooper's original feature, Ballerina Girl, as a top finalist. The script will be forwarded on to a multitude of agencies and production companies for consideration at the end of the month. 


After a young woman is murdered in Moscow, the investigation takes a grisly turn when her brother pins the crime on Russia's military elite.


Evan is repped by manager, Kailey Marsh. 

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