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The Athena List celebrates the best in unproduced screenplays featuring strong female protagonists that have yet to be made into films.   Denise Meyers is the first screenwriter to have two screenplays make the final round of judging with RIDE THE WIND: The Bessie Stringfield Story, about the first African American woman inducted into the Motorcycle Hall of Fame, and LUCKY 13, about the American women pilots in World War Two who played a pivotal role in training male pilots how to fly the most dangerous aircraft in American history.  RIDE THE WIND was named an Athena List winner in February 2016, and Lucky 13 was named a finalist during the Athena Film Festival in New York.  Meyers also placed in the top 50 for the Emerging Screenwriters shorts contest, and in the top ten for the Emerging Screenwriters contest.

DENISE MEYERS is a finalist for the Nashville Film Festival LUCKY 13, about the first American women to fly airplanes during World War Two, is a finalist in the Drama catagory at the Nashville Film Festival.  This remarkable true story chronicles the experiences of 13 female pilots who were tasked with training male combat pilots to fly the B26 Widowmaker, arguably the most dangerous plane of the entire war effort.   The women succeeded in their mission, only to be abruptly disbanded by Congress after fighting to receive military status because "women can't fly airplanes". The winners will be announced on April 22 in Nashville.  Tags: Nashville Film Festival Screenwriting Competition
Robin Wright directs 'The Dark of Night' by Denise Meyers Robin Wright ('House of Cards', 'Forrest Gump') made her short film directorial debut with 'THE DARK OF NIGHT', a Table Read My Screenplay (Austin) Grand Prize Winning script by Denise Meyers. Starring Leslie Bibb, Sam Rockwell, Callie Thorne, Michaele Godere and Nini Le Huynh, 'The Dark of Night' is a film noir thriller about a woman on her way to Chicago for a job interview who gets stranded at a diner in the middle of a downpour in 1930.  The crew from House of Cards helped make this short film a reality, shot on location at the Hollywood Diner in Baltimore. Tags: Delicate Flower Films
DENISE MEYERS WINS ATLANTA FILM FESTIVAL SCREENPLAY COMPETITION Denise Meyers was recently announced as one of three winners of the screenplay competition for the Atlanta Film Festival, taking place from March 24 to April 2 in Atlanta, Georgia.  Meyers will attend a writers retreat in conjuction with the festival where industry professioanls will work with the winners to polish the winning scripts.  Tags: Delicate Flower Films
Denise Meyers interviewed by Laura Powers - Career Highs and Contest Wins Denise Meyers, winner of the Table Read by Screenplay Grand Prize Austin (2105), sponsored by the ISA, talks about what it means to return to what she calls the dream that wouldn't die in a 40 minute podcast with Laura Powers.   The International Screenwriters Association has been central to Meyers' success, along with other groups that advocate for writers in Hollywood and specifically, advocate for women in Hollywood.  Meyers also chats about what it was like to have her first short film made with Robin Wright, Leslie Bibb and Sam Rockwell, winning the Athena List with her screenplay, 'RIDE THE WIND': The Bessie Stringfield Story, and never giving up on 'LUCKY 13', a script about the Women's Airforce Service Pilots. Tags: Delicate Flower Films