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Troy Anthony Miller's THE HITCH is the latest Black List Podcast

Selected by online voting, Troy's award-winning original screenplay THE HITCH has been produced as a Table Read Podcast by The Black List and Earwolf Media. The script won the Austin Film Festival's "Horror Award", Table Read My Screenplay's "Thriller Award", was selected for The Black List's Screenwriter's Lab, and is currently under option with Frank Darabont's Darkwoods Productions.


Set in Los Angeles in 1927, THE HITCH tells the story of young British filmmaker Alfred Hitchcock who's accused of murder and must go on the run to prove his innocence. Available on iTunes and at, the podcast stars Tom Rhys Harries as Alfred Hitchcock, along with Jack Falahee, Shelley Hennig, Angela Gots, Dave Hill, Graham Hamilton, Louis Herthum, John Getz, Jayne Taini, Lauren Bass, and narration from Cooper Thornton:

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