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'Nurture of the Beast' has a great 2016 In January 2016, Adam Luff collaborated with actor and long time friend, Tom Brumpton on a micro short 'Nurture of the Beast' a sci-fi horror about a scientist that has devoted his life to work at the cost of his family life.


Adam wrote, directed and (under pseudonyms) produced and edited while Tom Brumpton produced and played the doomed scientist, Quatermass.

The film has achieved the following success at festivals around the world:

- Official Selection at the Los Angeles CineFest (Apr. 2016)

- Official Selection at the IndieWise Virtual Film Festival (Sept. 2016)

- Commendation Award at the Red Ditch Halloween Film Festival (Sept. 2016)

- Official Selection at the Horror Online Art Film Festival (Sept. 2016)

- Official Selection at the 15 Second Horror Film Challenge (Oct. 2016)

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'Hat Trick' Back in the spring of 2012, Adam Luff was living in San Francisco and wrote, directed and played the lead in his silent movie homage 'Hat Trick' a short about an unconfident man using magic to solve all his problems but magic cannot solve everything.

This light-hearted, family film is Adam's personal favourite genre and audience to write for. He later adapted the same story into a children's picture book manuscript entitled "The Hat Tricks of Harry Hocus" which he has submitted to UK publishing companies and awaiting feedback on.

Hat Trick has achieved two nominations at film festivals:


- "Best Short Film" nomination at the Big Water Film Festival in Washburn Wisconsin (November 2013)

- Finalist for "Best Music Score" at the Los Angeles CineFest (June 2016)

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Adam Luff's 'Lunar Art' has a run of competition success. 2016 has been a successful year for Adam Luff's science fiction drama 'Lunar Art'.

A short script that Adam envisions being made for animation about immigration laws on the moon forcing a retired painter to return to Earth and leave his robot servant and companion behind has achieved the following:


- New Renaissance Film Festival's first ever "Screenplay of the Month" (May 2016)

- Reaching the Quarter Finals at Scriptapalooza (July 2016)

- Official Selection at the Los Angeles Lift-Off Film Festival (August 2016, final results in December)

- Winner of two awards at the New Renaissance Film Festival, "Best Screenplay of the Month" and "Award of Excellence" (August 2016)

- Quarter-Finalist at the 2016 Shore Scripts comeptition (the results of the Semi-Finals will be announced on November 5th 2016)

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